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New Airline Seating Design Introduces The Mezzanine Level

January 5, 2010 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

We’ve seen some unique seating designs in the past, and one thought even won our award for most ridiculous airline idea in 2009. However, with a new year comes new ideas, and we’re happy to share a whole new design for airline seating. One company has spent many late nights in the office conference room to come up with their flex-seat plans that hopefully will benefit all travelers—we’ll see.

Jacob Innovations hates the wasted space above your seat on airplanes—especially on big birds like the 747 and A380. They want to add some more seats between you and the airplane’s roof—we can already feel the claustrophobia attack. Their plans include a sort of bunk bed type seating configuration, and also an idea to add a few steps so that flyers can get a little more space by sitting higher than others in their row.

There are ideas for both economy and premium sections of the planes, and obviously those in first class are still going to come out with a little more comfort. We’re all for more space, but having the butts of strangers above us doesn’t seem like the ideal situation.

In the back of the plane there’s a claim that passengers would be so much more comfortable that loads of people would now be resting during the flight, and that this would actually save airlines money on in-flight meals since so many would be snoozing—uh, really? The downside is that the new seating plans are probably going to cost about 20 percent more, and in today’s economy we just can’t see any airlines volunteering to take a risk on shaking things up. If we really could get a 45-degree recline in coach like they promise, it would be so worth it.

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