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Why We're A Little Afraid Of The TSA

January 5, 2010 at 10:26 AM | by | ()

Are you afraid of the TSA? Do your palms sweat when you're waiting in line for airport security, even though you've got nothing to be worried about? Do you fear being profiled at the security check and sent to "enhanced" security, which makes you late for your flight?

Maybe we've got a guilty conscience or maybe it's just residual trauma from the time we tried to carry-on a Tunisian hookah and the security officers did everything short of put us on the no-fly list, but we get a little spooked when we head through airport security, and we're wondering if we're alone in this. It's the combination of the idea that maybe the TSA won't catch a terrorist in line with us and the fact that even going through all the security is like "you're guilty until proven innocent."

The security jitters continue, after the jump.

When you think about it, it's alright to be scared of the TSA; they wield the most power over who gets to travel and who doesn't, and we're so worried about making the former, that increased heart rate might stick us into the latter category. Plus, as a Public Forum letter in the Salt Lake Tribune pointed out yesterday, the TSA can both see you naked (thanks to full-body scans) and delay your flight and hold you on the tarmac indefinitely.

Their simple power over our right to travel when and how we want frightens us. How about you? Are you afraid of the TSA?

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