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Finding Out How Long It Takes the Eurostar To Travel the Channel Tunnel

Where: St. Pancras International, London, United Kingdom
January 21, 2010 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

Good news! We just got off the Eurostar direct train that travels the Channel Tunnel from London's St. Pancras station to Brussels Midi station, and we did not get stuck underneath the English Channel. Only a few weeks ago and then a few weeks before that did several trains on the same route get trapped underground by electrical problems caused by the super low temperatures. We hoped the same fate wouldn't befall us, and we were lucky it didn't.

The departure from St. Pancras in London was surprisingly smooth; we went through the security metal detectors and had our passport stamped with a "Lft Londres" stamp right here, as though we had already emerged in France. But perhaps the most perfect part of departure was the free WiFi signal in St. Pancras station, allowing us to get some last-minute alone time with the internet before setting off for the Chunnel (by the way, the Brits hate it when you call it that; it's the "Channel Tunnel" or nothing).

After the jump, how long you actually spend underneath the Channel Tunnel on the Eurostar

All in all, we spent only 20-25 minutes in the famous tunnel, such a short timespan that our traveling partner completely slept through it. And with all the snow melted and the weather a balmy 40-45 degrees, our train zipped through the French countryside and into Belgium and arrived absolutely on time. Take that, winter weather!

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