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Milan Now Brewing Fashion Coffee Thanks to Marc Jacobs

January 18, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

This is who will be serving your coffee: Marc Jacobs

Just a little bit ago, our sister site HotelChatter wondered about what Marc Jacobs was up to, making faux hotel key chains for sale in his stores. We considered the possibility that, with fashion designers popping up their own new hotels left and right, that Marc could be the next to strike out and fashion more than just clothing. And in a way, it turns out we were right.

When Marc's new flagship store opens in the Brera district of Milan, it will have a full cafe inside of it. And this won't be some specialty place; it's going to be open for fashionable morning commuters at 7:30am all the way until people begin stumbling towards their second club of the night at 2am. Vogue UK tell us that the store itself, all 3,100-square-feet of it, will be a wake up call with neon signage and navy floors and shelves—such a departure from the usually moody, luxe interiors of designer boutiques.

Forget haute couture, let's have a haute latte! Okay, that was a bad joke, but you get what we mean; designers be diversifying! We're adding Marc's cafe to our list of places to visit next time we swing by Milan.

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