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Panama Picks A Tourism Slogan Reminiscent Of Childhood Trauma, STDs

September 18, 2009 at 4:18 PM | by | ()

The good folks at the Panama Investor Blog are befuddled as to why the country has settled on "Panama - It Will Never Leave You" as their new tourism slogan. Great question! They attempt to work out the meaning behind the slogan-change:

I have caught wind of the new slogan they will be using to promote tourism in Panama and it is not so good... 'Panama - It Will Never Leave You.' Unlike your friends, your girlfriend or your spouse, Panama will always be there. Sounds to me like a HIV or malaria, neither of which I believe will help us attract tourists.

We were going to go with a herpes punchline because HIV is a total downer, and for the record, malaria can indeed be cured with the right battery of anti-parasite drugs. But the point nonetheless remains. This is not, in the strictest sense, the most attractive slogan ever produced by an ad agency.

On the other hand, based on a highly scientific survey of the people we IM'd this to, every single person who hears the slogan immediately tries to come up with a different take-it-there closer. Responses range from "unlike how mommy left daddy" to "just like that bad decision from sophomore year." So as long as there's no such thing as bad publicity or looking stupid, this campaign is inspired. If looking stupid is still a bad thing, less so.

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