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Apparently Denmark Has A Custom Of Anonymous Sex With Tourists

Where: Denmark
September 16, 2009 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

You know, we always thought that Southeast Asia and Jamaica were the hotspots for sex tourism, that is until we watched this video advertisement for Denmark. It's a brief bit that appears like an earnest new mother searching for the father of her child, someone with whom she had a random one-night-stand, and he happened to be a tourist.

Now she's got a baby (named August, aww) and it's all thanks to the Danish "custom" of hygge, or hooking up with random foreign strangers. Although Denmark wants to promote its nightlife in this way, we're not so happy about their encouragement of anonymous and unprotected sex, and it sounds like the rest of Denmark agrees with us, since the spot has been pulled thanks to a backlash. But of course, not until it had already gone viral and generated more buzz than the ad agency had ever hoped for.

It is now entirely possibly that horny men are booking their tickets to Copenhagen and repeating the word "hygge" over and over in an effort to nail down the pronunciation, in addition to nailing other things. Valleywag has it right when they considered the motivation for pulling the ad:

That's a smart move, albeit for the wrong reason: We'd be far less concerned with the honor of Danish women than with the practice of encouraging annoying tourists to be even more annoying by asking endless winking questions about 'hygge.' No bar would have been safe, Danish ladies.

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There are currently 168 stories on Google News related to this "controversy." This stealth campaign is obviously a huge success for Denmark. A Danish friend told me yesterday that tourism authorities couldn't decide whether to promote the Little Mermaid angle or the anonymous sex angle of Copenhagen. Here's their answer.