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British Airways Breaks New Advertising Ground, Puts Ads On Boarding Passes

August 18, 2009 at 4:19 PM | by | ()

Not content with being cheaper than Ryanair and reducing check-in allowances like Ryanair, British Airways is now following Ryanair's lead and plastering every last empty space with ads:

British Airways is trying to come up with a way to increase profit by becoming the first major European scheduled airline to sell advertising space on its own boarding passes. British Airways, which has already posted a £106 million net loss for the three months ending June 30, said that it is now actively seeking advertisers who wish to buy space on its boarding cards, as well as on its website.

As usual we don't have many objections in principle. Anything that keeps ticket costs low and airlines in business is welcome, especially in this economy. We just want to make sure this trend doesn't become an institutional culture, since there's already something mildly unsettling about putting ads on boarding passes that cost hundreds of dollars. British Airways shouldn't conclude that the public's tolerance for aren't-we-so-ironically-crass advertising is limitless.

Down that road lies Spirit's frat boy culture, where they end up thinking it's a good idea to put ads on the bodies of flight attendants, and eventually Ryanair's open hostility toward their customers. Therefore, BA needs to be very, very cautious with this foray into ad placement. Especially since aren't we all heading the way of virtual boarding passes anyways?

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Archived Comments:

Advertising - Not Surprised

Based on the instability of the airlines I'm not surprised that advertising is part of there revenue plan. I'm delighted with this plan, as at least this is not costing me any money!!