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The Top Three Reasons To Visit Iceland This Fall

Where: Iceland
August 18, 2009 at 9:41 AM | by | ()

The little country with the big tourism marketing imagination has given us tips on getting a date with an Icelander and ugly sweaters, but now Iceland is even coming up with some seriously good reasons for us to visit in the next couple of months. Aside from the bank failure, of course.

· Reykjavik International Film Festival
It runs from September 17 to 27 this year, it's full of excellent films and even the chance to catch the glow of the Northern Lights.

· Iceland Airwaves Music Festival
Following the International Film Festival as it runs from October 14 to 18, the Music Festival will have a hundred and fifty bands and singers performing. There are both local and international artists; some of the Icelandic bands we don't know too much about, but they at least have cool names: Brˇ­ir Svart˙lfs, for example (motto: "we are ugly, but we have the music") and the slightly-tricky-to-pronounce Langi Seli og Skuggarnir.

· John Lennon's Birthday
Last but not least, the third reason we've got to rush over to Iceland is an event on October 9, John Lennon's birthday, when the Yoko-Ono-designed Peace Tower on an island near Reykjavik will be lit up. It radiates the words "Imagine Peace" in 24 languages, and will stay lit until December 8, the anniversary of Lennon's death. And in case you're worried, the tower is powered by clean, geothermal energy, so we're not even wrecking the world to promote peace.

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Helpful tip: save $$$ when you visit Iceland

Even with the Icelandic Krona being it's weakest ever, Iceland is still quite a pricey place to visit. You can save a bit on your trip with a handy Norden Voyager Card, which will set you back just short of $20 but will save you up to 20% with hundreds of bars, restaurants and shops in the centre of Reykjavik. Google "Norden Voyager" to find it.