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Who Bought Frontier Airlines If It Wasn't Southwest?

August 14, 2009 at 8:39 AM | by | ()

Have you got a spare $108 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, just itching to purchase a bankrupt airline? Well, too bad you missed your chance; yesterday saw the sale of ailing Frontier Airlines to Republic Airways.

And now you ask: "Who/what/where is this 'Republic Airways?!?!'" We know, it's a surprise victor since Southwest was clearly the favorite and even bid $170 million to Republic's measly $108. Airline dorks who love this sort of drama—ok, ourselves—know Republic as the company behind airline brand extensions to smaller, regional service; they specifically run AmericanConnection, Continental Express, Delta Connection, Midwest Connection, United Express and US Airways Express.

Oftentimes, flying between one yokel town and another yokel town, you'll hope aboard a Delta Connection flight "operated by Chautauqua Airlines." That's them; that's Republic right there. Kind of like God, Republic goes by many names and is frequently found hanging out above 25,000 feet.

So what kind of changes will the purchase of Frontier by Republic bring? Hardly any at all really, at least that the passengers will see. Republic has already been Frontier's parent company for a while and Frontier flies Republic planes. Now, with the full Republic acquisition, most of the 5,000 Frontier employees will get to keep their jobs and continue flying under the Frontier banner while the airline predicts emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy this autumn.

We hope that clears up this whole dirty bankruptcy switcharoo business, but there is still tons of airline industry mumbo-jumbo to swim through in order to fully grasp the situation. But the important thing to understand right now is that Frontier is still flying the blue skies, and almost in the black.

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