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Find Out What Happens When 5 Travel Writers Get In Front of The Camera

August 10, 2009 at 6:50 PM | by | ()

Was it really as much fun as it looked?

It's a Monday night during the summer and you've probably got nothing to watch on your DVR except "Weeds" if you're fortunate to have Showtime and those old reruns of "Mama's Family." (Don't lie, you know you watch it.) But there's something a little different coming to your tube today from the Travel Channel, Confessions of a Travel Writer.

This Monday, August 10, at 9 E/P, join Charles Runette and 4 other travel writers on a 7-day trip to Chile. See what happens when personal agendas get in the way of what seems like a dream job.

Full disclosure: Here's why we're interested in this show. Our very own Shira Lazar is actually one of those four other travel writers and we were able to get her reports back from Chile as they were happening. But we never heard anything about those "personal agendas." Maybe tonight's episode will reveal all! For a more in-depth look at the show, check out this interview with Charles Runnette on WorldHum.com.

Jaunted will actually be attending a screening of the show tonight and we will bring you back the full report. But if you manage to catch the show yourself, tell us what you thought in comments below.

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Archived Comments:

love this show .. pick it up TRAVEL CHANNEL

I'm a recovering journalism major so i love this show. Would love to see more.

More Shira less Charles

OMG, Charles is a whiny, I need a bitch slap, little wonk. The show's only saving grace was Shira's engaging smile and the anticipation of seeing her in short shorts :) Hetero and damn good at it

I've lived through it

I'm in PR, for tourism actually, and I'm very familiar with some of the different types of journalists, so watching this show is just a reminder of how much hard work takes into planning press trips! From trying to please everyone to trying to keep on schedule with the busy agenda. I hope the Travel Channels comes out with more episodes of this show.

Confessions of a Travel Writer

Traveling with Charles would be my worst nightmare come true. Awesome destination with bitchy, whiney, complaining company. Way to taint a perfectly good (and free)trip for your collegues. This show will succeed because people will love to hate him.

Confessions of a Travel Channel watcher

This trip looked fanastic...but Andrew reminded me of one of my whiny, ungrateful ex-girlfriends. They should send him on a trip with Anthony Bourdain for some perspective. I agree with Chelsey! But this show introduced me to this great site. Thank you!

My bad...

insert Charles for Andrew...thinking of Zimmern and it wouldn't let me delete!

Charles RULES!

get OVER yourselves, fellow commenters... Charles is SO funny... I like the way he tells it like it is, AND has the balls to have an opinion... can't wait to see more!! JG

glad to discover Jaunted

Confessions of a Travel Writer could easily win my attention on a regular basis if Charles was replaced. Traveling is about discovery and keeping an open-minded and practicing patience with all elements and types of people. Charles discredited himself as a genuine traveler with his negative commentary, sour attitude and judgmental disposition. The exact sort of character we don't need representing Americans abroad. It is hard to believe that Patagonia could have an ugly side, but Charles managed to create one. On the plus side, Shira schooled the old-timers with current, down-to-earth reporting void of any snobbery that shows the real future of journalism. As a writer myself, I was happy to discover Jaunted and watch Shira take Chile by storm. Bravo!

Excellent show.....

This is the kind of situation where only one person can get an excellent idea and show like this one going down... Charles, is the most anoying, ungrateful and close mind person that could be use in a traveling show of this kind, unless this is what producers are looking for, if that is the case, you really find an ego-maniac, self-centered, ignorant in social skills but with a master in whiny-bitchy attitude.

I agree with Taylor

This show was negative, sour, and seemed like it was put together by people who hate to travel. Ugly Americanism indeed! The subjects seemed very pleased with themselves, but I couldn't wait to leave their company. This is not why I travel. But it is why I enjoy hitting "delete" on my DVR.

No subject

I thought that it was a great show! I never thought about Chile at all until the show. But, I though that Charles was ok, I don't think he was that bad at all, I wasn't too crazy about Jimmy, he seems like a nice guy, but NOOO!!! I mean come on who goes to a different country and not bring any money, HELLO, he was a bit of an ass to me. Charles had a bit of a bitchy side, but he was just being honest, freak man just about everyone is bitchy!!!!!!