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Are You Flying More This Summer Because of Cheap Airfare?

July 8, 2009 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Even with all the checked baggage fees that make us cranky beyond belief, airlines have surprised us this summer by putting out some crazy affordable air fares, particularly amongst the LCCs.

JetBlue has their "cheep" fares and Southwest essentially is letting you pay per mile later this fall. But quite a few of the big airlines have come up with good deals to Europe and Hawaii so far this summer (provided that you're flexible and flying out of the right hub, of course.) Indeed, FareCompare.com says that air fares are 63 percent cheaper this month than last year.

We here at Jaunted have done a healthy mix of traveling between planes, trains and automobiles. But we're more interested in you. So tell us--provided that you were never down with "staycationing" in the first place--do you find yourself flying more this summer rather than road-tripping, busing it or taking the train?

Let us know how you have been traveling this summer in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Just Vacationing Less

We usually take one or two trips each summer for a week or two with the whole plane, rental car, hotel & activities. Not doing that this year. We will be flying to see and stay with family in Oregon. Our one "vacation" type thing will be a train trip from Portland to Seattle for a few days of Mainers games and a visit to Seattle Center. So, not completely staycationing, but laying lower this summer.

Road Trips This Summer

I usually plan our big vacations at least a year in advance (Disneyworld this November), so this cheap air fares never tempt me. This summer we are doing small road trips. This weekend its camping in Yosemite, then next weekend it Kings Canyon, later a weekend in Chico, then finally a drive up to Oregon (I am in the SF Bay Area).

More trips

Already went to Austin. I will be going to the Big Island and Denver in August and Columbus, Ohio, for a family thing in September. Plus road trips to San Diego and Santa Barbara. Additionally, it has become easier for several friends to visit me in SoCal.

Travel now!

I have been flying more overall in 2009 to 2008. So far this year I have flown to Chicago, Toronto, Krakow and have scheduled trips to Austin, Portland Or.,San Francisco and Denver later this summer/fall. It is just more affordable now than 12 months ago, so I am getting in as much as possible before it eventually creeps back up.

travel by road

Even if there are cheap fare rates today, I still like to go by road first technically besides my daughter who is afraid of flying. Besides traveling by road is fun because you are able to see many different scenery. You are able to stop over many beautiful places and even drop by to relatives whose home are on the way. So it is alot more fun if travelling is by road. Besides, I have a notion that traveling by air is for emergency. If you are traveling by road, you are for the journey, the adventure you are going to experience it so that the destination will be the reward for it. But if yo are traveling by the air, it is like your concern is only the destination. Even if there are cheap fares for air traveling which will be a great saving in payday loan, I am still for traveling by road.

Flying more than last year

My wife & I didn't fly anywhere last year because of high prices. This summer, on Expedia we have already gone to New Orleans for a week (hotel & flight under $1,000). When we got back home, we got another deal...$600 round trip tickets to Venice for Sept. We have booked an apartment for two weeks & will do a lot of cooking; but using local products, grocery stores & shops is part of the fun! Renting to me is the only way to go if you are planing to stay for more than a week in one location. You have more room, can cook in, & don't have to carry as much luggage since most places have a washing machine. Use the money you save to go on more trips or even splurge on a fancy meal while you are there.

not cheaper... in canada

I didnt find them cheaper when I looked for a flight back home...

Not Me

With all of the fees it doesnt seem any cheaper.

Oh yes

In the U.S. and the rest of the world its cheaper, I went to this magnificent, luxurious and fancy hotel that ten years ago I would not been able to dream of: http://www.casablancabyb.com/ Of course we are all flying more, not only cheap tickets, but also cheap hotels, cheap food, cheap everything.