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Yacht Away The Recession for $1 Million a Week on 'Mad Summer'

July 8, 2009 at 4:50 PM | by | ()

When we aren't out jetting around on LCCs, busing to Baltimore for $1 or hopping a high-speed train, we like to fantasize about that other form of transportation: the almighty ship. So to allay our own curiosity as much as yours, we're spotlighting yachts with either notorious owners or histories...or both. Know of a bootylicious boat? Let us know.

Stinking up the hotel scene right now is the news that Jeff Soffer, the billionaire behind The Fontainebleau in Miami, has sought bankruptcy protection for his Las Vegas Fontainebleau venture. As a result, his lavish lifestyle is under the microscope and items of gritty luxury come out to play. For example, his 257' yacht, the Mad Summer, launched only last year.

This baby on the blue ocean cost Soffer $170 million, and now can be chartered for a cool $1 million per week, and that doesn't even include "expenses." Don't get us wrong; he still owns it, but he can't spend every minute on it when his business is in trouble.

For a mill a week, you better get some major perks. Here's a few of the surprises in store with Mad Summer: a helicopter pad with refueling station, 6 ensuite cabins, an owner's deck with 6-person jacuzzi, a dive room, a spa with hammam and massage area, a movie theater, another 16-person jacuzzi and a constant-current swimming pool.

This is one boat you don't want to take anywhere near the Gulf of Aden, lest pirates kidnap your masseuse.

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