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Sift Through A Seashore Of Sea Glass On Kauai

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Update: Beat of Hawaii has the most recent update on this beach, including the fact that there's no glass left due to people grabbing it all in years past. There is however a Tripadvisor thread with links to pictures as recent as last year that show there is still an amount of pebble-sized beach glass.

Whether you enjoy crafting or simply can't pass on the temptation of an exotic beach, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai's Glass Beach is for you. A stretch of no man's land on the south shore, between Lawai Beach and Salt Pond Beach Park, Glass Beach is not for swimming just as it isn't the place for walking barefoot. In lieu of sand, the beach is made up bajillions of sea glass particles and hunks, worn smooth and pebbly from the repeated waves.

In order to reach this remote motherload of sea glass, we recommend a great GPS and some patience. We'll let the Washington Post explain why:

Glass Beach isn't mentioned in most guidebooks, and there are no signs directing drivers to it. The beach turned out to be in the middle of an industrial zone not far from the popular tourist area of Poipu on Kauai's southern end. To get there, you take the Port Allen exit off the highway, then turn down a street past some warehouses, then follow a very rutted dirt road to the water, wondering if you're going to owe money to the rental car company.

It's definitely a hotspot for collectors of rare sea glass, such as deep red or blue shades, as such specimens found here take between 10-30 years to tumble down. If Hawaii is a bit far, you could also have some luck on our own west coast at the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, about two hours from San Francisco.

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