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Apple Finally Doing The Paperwork To Sell iPhones In China

Where: Shanghai, China
July 29, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Everyone knows that the iPhone is made in China, but how about the fact that they actually available for sale in the country of their birth and won't be for a while yet. The glut of iPhones available elsewhere however, has created a black market back in China where sales of pricey knockoffs flourish and mules import the real deal for premium cash.

Yesterday, according to Shanghaiist, it looked like there was hope on the horizon for iPhones in China as a major phone company announced a preliminary agreement with Apple for exclusive rights to the iPhone in China for three years, at a cost of $439 each handset.

Meanwhile, the iClones with such names as "Hi-Phone" and "Ai Feng"—which means "crazy love"—continue to fly off the shelves in shady shops. When last we were in China, we sought some out and can report that they are very good replicas, but a the feel and performance of an Ai Feng still lacks the quiet panache of the real deal. We'd recommend not giving into the temptation of adding one to your souvenir pile.

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It's just as easy to get a real (or fake) iPhone in China as it is at your local Best Buy. I remember an almost identical story in 07 announcing Microsoft had finally launched the Xbox in China, meanwhile I had mine which I'd purchased in Beijing for almost a year before that. The difference is these are probably imported from Hong Kong and Japan but who gives a rats? If you're looking for it, you'll find it plus about 100 alternatives at any electronics market. Wan'le