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TSA States The Obvious: Hand Grenades Are Not Carry-Ons

July 30, 2009 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

Today In stupid TSA happenings, the TSA Blog answers a question which, we're sure, is on the mind of most travelers: "can I take my hand grenade on the plane?" Way to be irrelevant again, TSA.

Now being the TSA blogger is probably not the most creative of jobs, and we don't even want to imagine some of the idiotic questions that get asked of TSA agents, but anyone who can't figure out for themselves why a hand grenade shouldn't be on a plane—filled as it is with innocent people and fuel—needs to be rocketed straight to the top of the "No Fly" list.

To answer the question at hand, the TSA "Blogger Bob" states that no, hand grenades are most certainly not allowed, but neither is anything that even resembles a grenade:

So why is it such a big deal if the grenades are inert or just a novelty item? Well, thatís why passengers usually donít think twice about bringing these items. They know inert grenades or novelty grenade shaped items canít cause any harm. However, we donít know that. All we see on the x-ray is a realistic image of a grenade complete with pin and spoon and we have to go through the motions.

Hear that military re-enactors? You should give DHL a call instead of attempting to slide that grenade-shaped candle or soap through security, and don't even think of touching grenade paperweights in the Normandy souvenir shop.

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Archived Comments:

Not as silly as it seems

It may seem obvious to you, but TSA officers around the country see a hand grenade, or something that looks like a hand grenade, in carry-on and checked bags alot more than you would think. It happens at least once a month, often more. There was a time a few weeks ago when there were three or so found in bags within a couple days. When an officer sees a hand grenade in the x-ray, it is pretty much guaranteed that the checkpoint will be shut down until a bomb appraisal officer or bomb squad member can clear the item. Often, the police are also called. For people who are racing to make a flight, it can mean that they'll miss it. We don't want that any more than they do. We've had everything from an explosives training person carrying training grenades to returning soldiers bringing inert hand grenades as souvenirs to a guy with a huge hand grenade shaped belt buckle. We've also had a few ladies with the perfume in the hand grenade-shaped bottle. My personal favorite is the person traveling with the "Complaint Department: Pull Here" plaque with the hand grenade on it - that also shows up as a hand grenade in the x-ray. Oftentimes, the person with the inert hand grenade doesn't think it's a big deal because it's not real. But again, when an officer sees a hand grenade in the x-ray it is. So while it may seem silly to you, getting anyone with a hand grenade or something that looks just like it to not pack it in their bag for a flight is pretty serious to us.