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Pirates Pop Up In The Amazon To Rob Luxury River Cruise

Where: Peru
July 28, 2009 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Although we'd love to believe that Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is the only noteworthy pirate of the last few years, the reality is that pirates are back in a big way, and an event this week proves that they aren't just confined to the treacherous waters off of Somalia.

On Sunday, the Aqua, a luxury river cruising boat just beginning a turn down the Amazon, was boarded and raided by six weapon-wielding bandits who robbed the vessel's 24 passengers of money and other valuables. Luckily that's all the pirates took as no cruisers were hurt. After returning to port in Iquitos, Peru, the passengers were sent home care of Aqua Expeditions, who also refunded them for the entire cruise—prices per person for the cruise began at $4,500—and tried to mollify them by offering a free future cruise.

Even though Peru maintains that an event like this has never occurred on the Amazon, if you were one of these robbed passengers, would you accept a free future trip? A high-adrenaline, life-or-death situation like this one is probably still giving them nightmares, not to mention possibly turned them off from cruising forever since boating in international waters (not applicable to the Amazon) exposes you to risk. Where are the British navy and their cannons when you really need them?

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[Photo: Aqua Expeditions]

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Where's Fitzcarraldo when you need him? He wouldn't have stood for this crap.

Pirates on the Amazon.

Ahem, since the pirates yielded their weapons, why would the pax turn over their money and valuables to them? All because of a simple typo?


now our, as our beloved Spagghetti God said, global warming should decrease hahahaha