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God Bless Vegas, Where Swim-Up Gambling Is A Right

Where: 4455 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV, 89169
July 2, 2009 at 12:37 PM | by | ()

Last one in's a rotten egg! We're finding the best places in the world to stick our toes in this summer (or next winter) for our World's Coolest Pools map. Know of any pools we must check out? Let us know.

Some lucky people will endure long drives this weekend for the privilege of seeing their families and setting off fireworks in their faces, and so we're keeping this week's cool pool in the family as well. Our sister site HotelChatter has been gaga over the continuing renovations to the Hard Rock Las Vegas like, forever and now baby VegasChatter is getting into the act. But don't fix it if it isn't broken! And by "it," we mean the Hard Rock Vegas pool, featuring everything to which a body could possibly want to swim up.

Given the weather in Vegas this time of year, the prospect of being in a bathing suit during the day's hottest hours is a delicious possibility. One restaurant at the Hard Rock already offers bikini brunch on the weekends, and of course you've heard of Rehab, the pool party that took down a Saint. But it seems like the pool is good to go every day with the chance to drink and gamble without putting on your party clothes.

If you think about it, where else would dare to mix drinking and gambling poolside than at the Hard Rock? And in swim-up bar fashion, no less? The line may be massive to get into Rehab, but Lady Luck could come by 7 days a week, so put on your best (swim)suit and get ready to be a high roller with no pockets to empty. God bless America, where we can legally bet in our bikinis.

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Archived Comments:

you do not want to swim here...

unless you either want to watch people puking in the pool, having sex in the pool or spreading their STDs around the pool. yuck.

I second the previous comment

Hard Rock is well known for the drink-till-you-puke and have-sex-everywhere behavior of its "guests." Unless this is your game, class-up and try the pool at the Mandalay Bay.