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This Week In In-Flight WiFi: Twitter's Role and American's Free Deal

July 16, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Compared to the ice age of in-flight Wifi—which was like, last year—this week has yielded a slew of positive updates on airlines' progression with outfitting their fleets and more. Before we hit the weekend and you jet away on your (hopefully) WiFi-equipped flight, let's round up the news on connectivity:

· AirTran kept their promise to outfit all of their planes with WiFi before the end of the summer, even if Virgin America beat them to it mid-way through May. To kick off fleet-wide service, they launched a series of "netiquette" videos, instructing you to not do such things as eBay auction off your seatmate's clothing or conduct business meetings with bagels in the lavatory (maybe without bagels?).

· Nothing's cheaper than FREE, and American Airlines understands this well. Get free in-flight WiFi on American's Gogo-outfitted planes through August 23 using promo code AAWiFi76194A1.

· Virgin America fiddled with their WiFi access pricing for short-haul flights, bringing the cost down from $9.95 to a very friendly $5.95. We suppose the ability to do things like this for their passengers comes with having a fleet completely connected as they have.

· GoGo Internet by Aircell also jostled their pricing by adding new plans for flexible in-flight access. If you're taking a hopper flight shorter than an hour and a half on a plane hooked up with Gogo, you'll pay only $5.95 for internet. For you road warriors taking more than one flight in a 24-hour period, WiFi costs only $12.95 for that period. Hallelujah, not only are more planes installing the internet, but prices are already coming down.

· Southwest Airlines is still cruising on the strength of their four Wifi-enabled planes by Twittering which daily flights will have internet. Even with four, Southwest definitely makes sure that their in-flight WiFi gets around, as on average, ten flights per day are blessed with access.

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[Photo of SW Plane: ChicagoEye]

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