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Delta Says 'No Fat Chicks' For Its Signature Red Dress

July 13, 2009 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

Besides the whole Coke or Pepsi controversy, the merger between Delta and Northwest has gone pretty smoothly. Sure, employees and representatives on both sides had their issues, but for the most part they've quickly become one big happy, blended family. However, now that things are almost done, the Northwest flight attendant union is speaking out against Delta's fashion.

The union is upset because Delta’s signature red dress for its female flight attendants is only available up to size 18. Red definitely is noticeable, and the Northwest union feels that Delta doesn’t want to draw attention to its larger employees. These Richard Tyler-designed dresses aren’t the only options for in-flight fashion, as there are plenty of blue pantsuits available in larger sizes, but then you'd be without the chicness of a red wrapdress.

We say that the union has a legitimate complaint. If you’re going to offer a snazzy red dress, then you should offer it to everyone. Certain flight attendants may look better and more professional in a more traditional uniform, and some may look great in that red dress. Let the flight attendants decide what looks best for them, and we’ll trust that they make the right choice.

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[Photo of the Red Dress: dlta_airlines]

Archived Comments:

That's a nice dress!

I mean, I wouldn't quite wear it, but almost, which is more than I can say for most flight-attendant uniforms.


that dress is ugly.


As a flight attendant whom chose delta in the my early 20's simply they were the best; I'm appalled you would wish to put your life in a F.A. who knocked you in the head, or worse trying to get up/down an airplane's (certified) narrow ways....we get a work out! The planes work w/in weight regulations...hire whom is healthy/attractive, don't a lot of travel/hostess companies?! My grandmother was beautiful and I wanted to be tall like her so I could be a runway model...not in my cards! We hire healthy/attractive girls not much over 5'4"(by law), who have to pass common courtesy, but physical stamina past their weight which can't go much past 115lbs. Now that I'm often in Atlanta on the hiring side; I'm finally fed up w/ the 'crapola' thrown our way!!! Be happy that for their weight that they can drop a 200+man/woman. Blame the plane specs or the males who add to the weight so we can't spread it around? Come on people...different people for different careers. My body was back to 105lbs. 2-3 days after birthing my son and daughter...and I wanted a little extra..don't beat the petite, some of us our strong!