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Drunken Briton Makes it Rain in Spanish Airport

Where: Spain
July 11, 2009 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

There's no shortage of stories about loutish behavior by drunken Britons on holiday in Spain, so I guess the latest tale of English weirdness from the Costa del Sol is decidedly positive in comparison. A Manchester, England resident named James B.N. (not pictured) came into a sizable inheritance, so he decided to celebrate the windfall with a trip to sunny Palma de Mallorca. In good spirits, he had a few too many drinks and began handing out money to strangers in Son Sant Joan Airport. According to the AP, he had already handed out thousands of euros by the time a more scrupulous passenger informed the police that a disheveled, smelly, homeless-looking man was behaving in a manner contrary to his own economic interests.

The tippler, who was toting about 52,000 euros ($72,000) in cash and travelers checks, simply began "handing out cash and laughing" upon arrival at the terminal, not realizing what he was doing, according to a statement by Spain's interior ministry. He was taken into custody, given some time to sober up, and put on a flight back to the U.K. without further incident.

What would you do if a disheveled drunk tried to hand you a wad of bills in an airport? As much as I could use the cash, I like to think I'd be the one to alert the cops. But I can't say this has ever happened to me. Of course he's responsible for his own behavior, but perhaps he was traumatized by the death of his family member, questioning his values and temporarily losing control of his faculties? Then again, maybe he's simply the type to fritter away the money in a short amount of time anyway, and his spree of generosity in Spain merely hastened the same inevitable end. That's probably what the recipients of his benevolence are telling themselves. Whatever the reason, at least he was laughing while he did it.

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