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Bare It All This Weekend At Our Top 3 US Nude Beaches

July 1, 2009 at 2:32 PM | by | ()

This weekend may be Independence Day, but hopefully it'll be hot and sunny enough on both coasts to celebrate a little something else: freedom from clothing. We've run through our rolodex of scandalous vacations locations to retrieve the the best nude beaches, one for each side of the country and a bonus for Miami.

· Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ
This is the clothing-optional mecca of the East Coast, since it's designated as the largest such beach and even offers police protection over the 5,000 or so visitors who drop trou here every summer weekend. Best of all, the nudity here is legal and within comfortable range of New York City for...you know...showing off your lack of tan lines at a cocktail bar.

· Black's Beach in San Diego, CA
Down from some steep cliffs (bring your hiking boots), you'll find a small oasis of au naturale culture away from prying eyes. It's one mile of sand, sun and San Diegans showing off...or not; while this isn't an official nude beach, nudity is ok by the local police and community.

· Haulover Beach in Miami, FL
Head to north end of this beach for the bare areas; the rest of it is "family-friendly"—code for "keep your clothes on, dangit!" But when you are in the right part of the beach and hanging with your dangly bits, you can enjoy facilities like concession stands and BBQ grills. Just be careful of what you toss onto the grill. Oe million visitors a year can't be wrong; this place has the goods when it comes to nude beaches.

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Archived Comments:

Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach made the top 3 nude beaches to visit in the US.

Nothing Scandalous About Black's

If you've been to Black's you'll know that it's a wonderful beach, with wonderful regulars, just enjoying the beach. After a few minutes of being nude you'll get over your misconceptions and find that looks don't matter, we're all just regular people, and you'll feel free and enjoy the calmness and peace it brings. How do I know? I experienced it myself the first time I went, and this is the experience of all those who have tried it. You owe it to yourself to visit Black's (or Gunnison or Haulover) and experience it for yourself.