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Quit Vacillating and Book Your Summer Flights Already!

June 27, 2009 at 12:18 PM | by | ()

If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on a flight this summer in the hope that ticket prices will soften even further, it's time to commit. Airfares are about as low as they're going to go, according to the guy from FareCompare.com, which keeps an eye on these kinds of things. In an interesting AP item, CEO Rick Seaney said that airfares have begun to creep up by $10 to $20 in recent days, and will likely continue to firm as oil prices rise and the summer travel season begins in earnest over the Independence Day holiday. The bottom line: buy your tickets now if you want a super-cheap vacation this summer. Do it.

Not sure where you'd like to go? Grab your travel partner, an atlas, and a six pack of beer and spend tonight making a list of your top ten destinations. Then head on over to your computer and start comparing the fares. Tom Parsons, CEO of BestFares.com, says that you'll find dirt cheap fares to at least some of those destinations.

Bargains abound, with your standard beach vacation cheaper than it's been in a while. Northeasterners are particularly lucky, with gobs of cheap flights to the West Coast and Florida, including $119 one-way fares to Los Angeles. Flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix are also super cheap, but of course it's like four billion degrees there in the summer.

I'm happy to report that I got a bargain on a flight this summer. We've wanted to visit Dublin for a while, so I poked around on Orbitz and wound up with two round trips from Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. to Dublin in mid-August on Delta for $460.90 each, including taxes and everything. So I'm pretty psyched about that. As for the rest of you, seriously, I know what it's like to want those fares to get even lower, but they ain't gonna. Book your crazy summer trip now, or you might regret it.

If you recently snagged a bargain airfare, please feel free to crow about it in the comments.

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Archived Comments:

Visiting Dublin, eh?

I noticed that you booked a flight to Dublin for $460. Well, I just wanted to reference a vacation package on Yapta.com that includes RT airfare to Dublin and 4-nights accommodations for $499: http://www.yapta.com/travel-deals/ The deal expires on July 30th.