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Re-Enacting History: Swordfighting And Samurais In Mt. Fuji's Shadow

Where: Yamanashi, Japan
June 23, 2009 at 4:44 PM | by | ()

Along with the tasty barbeques and popping fireworks of the middle of summer come the re-enactments of historical battles. To help you plan fun excursions to watch guns go off, we're listing our favorite battle re-enactment sites all this week. Any suggestions or questions? Let us know.

Back in the 16th century when warlords Shingen and Kenshin were fighting for territory around the area which is currently Nagano prefecture near Tokyo, a series of deadly battles took place at Kawanakajima, killing over 7,000 samurai by both sword and gun—or seppuku ritual suicide for the wounded.

These days, a battle is re-enacted every April with over 900 volunteer warriors dressed in armor and costumes of the period, but the battle grounds have moved further inland to Yamanashi prefecture. It's actually an area of popular natural spas, so bring your swimsuit and prepare for a weekend of relaxation and watching fake disembowelment.

To reach Yamanashi, take the JR Chuo Line train for 90 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Isawa Onsen Station. If you love historical re-enactments, sushi and long plane flights, this would be the battle for you.

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