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FyndHawaii's Mission Is To Tweet Island Deals All Day, Everyday

June 18, 2009 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

It used to be that navigating the sea of travel deals was best left to really hardcore bargain hunters, but now that Twitter has hit the scene with its own special deals and direct offers to lucky followers all it takes is a simple "follow."

Depending on the Twitterer, their page can read like a short-but-sweet stock ticker of amazing prices, especially if you’re looking to head somewhere that needs a little tourism boost. This is why we are excited to hear about FyndHawaii.

The service is your basic Twitter account, but there’s no sharing of mundane activities. It’s all deal tweets, all the time, alerted both on their website and on their Twitter feed. The site mirrors the Twitter account, so you can check for deals when your friendly office IT department has blocked Twitter.

Island businesses sign up to use the shared Twitter account, and are allowed to post up to four sales per day. We like the possibility of using the service for timely deals, like when one dude doesn’t show up for the charter fishing trip and you can steal his seat for cheap. Like our sister site HotelChatter, we too have a soft spot for hotel deals. That’s why were pretty intrigued over the $88 rates at the Kona Seaside Hotel—it looks basic, but for that price we can suck it up.

Remember, the site is still in beta mode, so thing may get a little wonky, but have patience.. Since all the Fynd folks are working to get you a better deal, and hopefully they’re working to set up similar services for other vacation destinations, they could just be worth a follow; this is, right after you start following us.

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FyndHawaii's Mission Is To Tweet Island Deals All Day, Everyday!