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Eep! Southwest Has Penguins On A Plane!

June 11, 2009 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

Everyone knows the phrase "when pigs fly," but how about killer whales? Southwest Airlines recently celebrated the opening of the new Manta Ride at SeaWorld, and as the official airline of the aquatic amusement park, they flew in with "Shamu One," one of their 737s painted up with the whale livery.

Don't be surprised if you see the belly of this whale flying overhead at more than one airport; Southwest has three of them in their fleet. As a matter of fact, of their 500-strong planes, about 12 of them sport festive paint jobs like the NBA's "Slam Dunk One." But for the Shamu One, the partnership with SeaWorld goes beyond the plane exterior.

If you happen to find yourself boarding a giant Shamu on the tarmac, then you could be in for some unexpected surprises. In the past, passengers onboard have been greeted by SeaWorld employees and their penguin friends. It's a mobile petting zoo! It's a good thing we haven't yet been on one of these SeaWorld Southwest flights; penguins are too tempting to take home. Duty-free, anyone?

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[Photo: Southwest Airlines]

Archived Comments:


tell me the mobile petting zoo is just for the boarding process right? those penguins don't go up in the air do they?


300-Strong? Southwest has over 500 737s in its fleet.

re: 300

You're right...it was 500. Misread Southwest's official little history:http://www.southwest.com/about_swa/airborne.html Corrected - thanks!