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Live Long And Prosper With a Star Trek Communicator

May 7, 2009 at 8:56 AM | by | ()

When you’re waiting in a movie theater line for the new Star Trek movie, you’re going to need to stay in touch with your Xindi and Vulcan buddies who maybe haven't yet finished their margaritas at TGI Fridays. Of course you can just send them a text message or a tweet; however, you should really only use the latest and most appropriate technology available in this case, and it just so happens to be the Star Trek USB Communicator.

Not only is it a pretty good replica of the original device from the show, but it’s also a VoIP telephone. The built-in microphone and speaker connect to your computer via USB—they apparently haven’t heard of WiFi—and you’ll be able access Skype, AIM, and iChat. Just plug in the retrodork dohicky, flip it open, and you are living your dream of mimicking Captain Kirk. Too bad you'll have to be tethered to your laptop to use it.

Best of all, the device features three buttons that release sound effects straight from the original television series, which are sure to make you most popular in that movie line. We’d also highly recommend whipping this sucker out on your next intergalactic mission from Des Moines to Milwaukee, if security screeners don't arrest you first. Face it: it’s got more sci-fi cred than the iPhone and you'll totally get some chicks with this thing; we just don’t know what type exactly.

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[Photo: Star Trek USB Official Site]

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