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Russian Art Branches Out To Amsterdam

Where: Amstel 51, Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 28, 2009 at 4:27 PM | by | ()

Who says the Russians aren't good at sharing? A little to our surprise, the Hermitage Amsterdam is opening next month in a new art gallery in an old seventeenth century building which is basically a branch of the famous and original Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. They've been running minor exhibits in another building for a few years, but now the real Hermitage Amsterdam is ready to thrill.

We've had a couple of trips to the Russian version and always been dazzled by the suggestions it would take a lifetime to view every piece of art there – and only if they rotated their display in time with your visits. The opening of the Amsterdam branch means there's another place for the Hermitage to exhibit some of their vast number of art treasures, and we're excited about that.

The opening exhibition "At the Russian Court: Palace and Protocol in the 19th Century" features cool stuff like the Romanov throne, Faberge jewelry and the grand piano that belonged to the last tsarina. On hand to help open the place will be both the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, which gives you some idea of how impressive this museum will be.

The Hermitage Amsterdam will be open to the public from June 20, with daily opening times of 10am to 5pm. It'll cost €15 ($21) to get in, but when it's good enough for a queen and a president to open it, we're pretty sure it'll be worth it.

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Amsterdam art galleries

Opening of the Hermitage Amsterdam, is one of the best thing that has happened in the city. While I was vacationing in a hotel in Amsterdam, I was surprised to see the famous art collections of the city. The opening of the Hermitage Amsterdam is definitly an added treasure.