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GPS Tracking Is The New Postcard Home

Where: Australia
May 29, 2009 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

Keeping in touch with your parents while you're backpacking your way around the world has certainly gotten a lot easier since the internet arrived, but apparently a regular email isn't enough for British mom Rachel Wilder.

Her son Harry is gap-yearing his way around Australia at the moment, and thanks to the satellite navigation device mom makes him carry, she can log on any time and find out exactly where he is. The poor boy bravely admits that it's not so bad because it means he doesn't get constant calls from his parents, but it sure isn't something we want our parents to do on our next trip.

Overzealous mom also figures she's doing him a favor because the GPS tracker records his every move for posterity. She explains: "He can keep that and be able to look and remember where he was on what days and at what times."

Right. Because we really want to tell our grandkids, "We walked into the hostel in Brisbane at 4.38pm on May 25."

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[Photo: Marcin Wichary]

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