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Alaska Only Becomes Affordable When We're Broke

May 14, 2009 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

While tourism boards whip out all the bells and whistles in an effot to convince people to hit the road in 2009, aka the era of the staycation or heaven forbid, the nay-cation, expensive and far-flung locales are having to work the hardest to attract tourists.

For this reason, we sympathize with the "Visit Alaska" pitch we recently received, which argues that there's no better time to see the last frontier since the recession has cut resort and cruise prices. And with packages so low, now's the time to take advantage and spend that last bit of rainy day cash in the cookie jar.

Although we have our doubts that 2009 will be the year of the Alaskation, some deals are just too tempting to immediately dismiss. Many half-empty cruise lines are offering discounts of over 50% on Alaska trips. For example, Celebrity Cruises has July and August trips from Seattle for as low as $57 a night, and keep in mind that's all-inclusive for the most part.

We can't forget about Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean have all announced they'll be cutting the number of Alaska cruises for 2010, so recession or not, prices could very well go back up. Now that we think about it, 2009 is looking more like the year of the Alaskation after all.

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