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JetAmerica is the New Air Azul is the New Skybus?

May 11, 2009 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

You know, we really had some high hopes for start-up LCC Air Azul, but after they simply failed to start up and began the sputter into obscurity, we sighed with relief that we had held off buying our tickets.

The anxiety and confusion returns however, as the skeleton of Air Azul dances for us once again to the tune of a new name: JetAmerica. What's this? Has the ghost of Skybus past risen to again claim Ohio as a hub? The Cranky Flier thinks so, and we're inclined to agree seeing as how they'd be most likely to pay attention to cities like Toledo or Lansing.

Compounded with this is the fact that Skybus founder John Weikle had planned on branding his second try at an airline with the name "JetAmerica." Honey, we've got a tangled web of airline histories and mysteries here.

Acting on a tip from Business Rockford that the new airline, whatever it is, would be taking phone reservations today at 727-451-3970, we gave them a ring and here's what we discovered:
· Before being connected to a representative, you are welcomed to the line for "SunAmerica."
· The representative answers with "Thank you for calling JetAmerica."
· Upon inquiring about flights to/from Toledo, we were told that they are unable to book anything until their website launches either later this week or early next.
· The representative continued to state that flights will not be operating until July 1, but will be "ultra cheap."
· We are advised to "watch their website," JetAmerica.com

We will be watching your website, whatever airline you are. You better be watching your back too, because we will have our cheap flights to the Midwest, John Weikle or not.

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Archived Comments:

i like the name jetamerica

better than air azul certainly. but i dont think i need to go to toledo anytime soon...


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