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New 'Best Job In The World' Promises Wine, More Wine

May 4, 2009 at 5:41 PM | by | ()

Dear readers, we are leaving you. Now that we know a California winery is searching for someone to basically drink wine full-time and talk about how great that is, our quest for full-time lushness can only point towards one place! It's been fun.

Kidding, but Sonoma County's Murphy-Goode Winery has created the first viable alternative we've seen to the Queensland Best Job in the World competition. The winery wants to pay a person to be a "wine country lifestyle correspondent," a $10,000-a-month position involving visiting vineyards, conducting tastings and blogging, tweeting and filing video diaries about same using their equipment from a "deluxe private home" deep in wine country. You'll even get to make a special wine blend commemorating your job, as if merely having the photo evidence weren't awesome enough. Did we mention that they pay you to do this?

The winery has already been flooded with applicants from the recently laid-off to the itinerant post-graduate, who have had to submit one-minute videos of themselves along with professional references and a slightly ridiculous waiver. Applications will be accepted through June 5, so we dare you to compete with us on the field of the vinously inclined. (Ten lucky finalists get the "Willy Wonka" treatment on a free trip to interview at HQ in Northern California at the end of June.) But even after we win, you can still visit Murphy-Goode Wines' tasting room in Healdsburg for our signature sips -- promise.

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Could it get better than this?

Is that the dream job or what? What does the person need to have to qualify for the job? I already own a nice wine collection in my wine cellars, I'd really go for this job, it pays well too.