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Five Cool Things to Do in Myrtle Beach, Seriously!

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We've never totally understood exactly what makes Myrtle Beach so appealing. We’ve visited relatives there before, but never thought of making it our vacation destination as it always seemed a little cheesy, with a hint of spring break debauchery. And while we love the beach, we don’t need to spend time at the NASCAR Sports Grille—did they really need the extra “e” on the end considering the clientele? (Update: The Grille has closed.)

With so many other great (and classier) beach locations south of the Mason-Dixon line, like Hilton Head Island or the Outer Banks, is there something that Myrtle Beach has to offer that we’re missing? Apparently it's very popular. So we decided to take a look. After all, in this economy not everyone can afford to traipse around St. Barts. Here are five cool, not cheesy, things to do in Myrtle Beach.

SCUBA Diving
Times are tough, we know that, so that diving trip to Belize may be out of the question in the immediate future. Luckily, Myrtle offers their own take on the SCUBA scene at Coastal Scuba. They’ll gladly teach you how to dive indoors in a pool, and if you do a good job, they’ll take you out in the ocean as well. Trying diving for the first time will only set you back $40, which is way better then paying to be certified, and than finding out that you are scared of the water. Apparently there’s even some decent marine life off shore, including those friendly guys known as Barracudas—yay for huge teeth.

Segway Tour
Everyone that’s anyone nowadays has to have a Segway tour. We tried it out at Disney a couple years ago, and we have to admit, we loved it. Myrtle Beach Segway will hook you up with a tour of the Market Common District. You’ll glide along for just about an hour where they promise some “eco-friendly” fun. Just make sure no one is trying to install some big tires or other performance modifications to their Segways before you start, otherwise you might want to avoid that tour group. There is no website, but you can give them a call to get some more info (843) 477 – 0800. If you book one you’ll get one half off.

Spring Festival at Broadway at the Beach
For the 13th year in a row, the tourist strip known as Broadway at the Beach is holding a party devoted to the warmer weather on April 25. This year they’re even getting in on the whole green movement in celebration of Earth Day. There’s going to be workshops focused on recycling and energy—guaranteed not to find any rednecks here. Bring 20 plastic bags with you to recycle, and you’ll get some fancy preferred guest card along with some helpful recycling tips at the visitors’ center. This won’t be the highlight of your trip, but you’re helping the earth, so get over it.

Spring Wing Ding at Barefoot Landing
There may be some confused visitors wondering where all the beer and wings are, but this festival is actually all about birds. Let’s just pray that no one thinks that this means open hunting season on waterfowl. This weekend bird experts will teach you about wildlife, while guiding you along a nature walk—right through the marshes next to a shopping mall. Alright, this might be a place where you'll end up running into the tourists that you're trying to avoid, especially since there is an actual buffalo wing eating contest on Saturday night.

Brookgreen Gardens
If there is a must see in the Myrtle Beach area, it has to be the Brookgreen Gardens. It’s a national historic landmark with one of the largest collections of outdoor artwork and sculptures in the country. There are all types of exhibits to explore that highlight the role of nature in the area. There's even a zoo for those who prefer critters. Best pick here is The Oaks Plantation History and Nature Trail. For $3 per person, you’ll be driven up to the trail where you’ll stroll along to learn about a former rice plantation site. You’ll definitely be alone here, since it’s somewhat educational.

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Nascar Speedpark Cafe has been closed over 6 Months............. Stop at the Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach, We are never closed

Spring Break

Fond memories from years ago.

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...the nascar place has been closed for a whole six months...I think it would be a different story if it was closed for six years and they wrote about it.