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Detroit Metro Airport Might Be the Best Thing About Detroit

April 8, 2009 at 4:01 PM | by | ()

Is it spring yet? With snow beating down on the tarmac yesterday at Detroit Metro Airport, we're extremely sad to say that Punxsutawney Phil was right again. Nothing is more depressing than agreeing with a groundhog on the weather.

So instead we turned our focus onto the awesome interior of one of our favorite terminals, the inside of Northwest's sprawling Concourse A, which has a wingspan of some 78 gates.

Keep reading for our video of the concourse.

Although Detroit's economy may be dying, we saw plenty of civic pride in the form of Final Four regalia strewn throughout baggage claim and a touchscreen computer-assisted tourist information kiosk.

However, Detroit Metro Airport is just a hub for connecting flights, with passengers hopping the concourse train to traverse the terminal to make their Chicago or Amsterdam connections (or New York and Tokyo.) If only the Motor City could revamp itself like the airport has managed to do.

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Archived Comments:


....and Detroit Metro isn't in Detroit. Although, better signage to DTW is needed on both of the interstates, I-94 and I-275.


ugh i remember the days before the (new) concourse A -- it was horrible! i've only had the pleasure of using the expresstram once (although i think i rode it a couple times just because), but i love how there's nothing between you and the terminal below.


Is surprisingly awesome. There is a Westin in that new terminal too, with a decent sushi joint inside if I remember correctly. The rub, obviously, is if you are there you are flying Northwest.