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Will The Portable Laptop Desk Raise You Up?

May 4, 2009 at 4:26 PM | by | ()

We can tell we've spent too many nights bathed in the warm glow of our laptops not when we develop the trademark hominid slump, but when one of our wrists feels like it's being cinched by a bracelet 24/7. (Always the left hand, never the right... why?!) The SkyMall Portable Laptop Desk would solve both of those problems by adjusting our computers at a supposedly kinder angle, but would it mean computing freedom or just the danger of dropping our laptop on our faces?

The desk elevates your computer off your lap or a desk to a precarious angle where you can (theoretically) type without pain and (probably) not burn your legs. Portable DVD players or books would also fit in this stand, which we can only guess works through magic since it requires no assembly and we can see no visible stress.

At $119.95, we're afraid we wouldn't get enough use out of the Portable Laptop Desk to justify its purchase, but we do have a dream of being able to type comfortably from bed. What do you think?

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