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Richard Branson Invents New Sport: Kite Surfing With Naked Lady

April 20, 2009 at 8:46 AM | by | ()

Draping himself with naked ladies is all in a day's work for Virgin founder Richard Branson. For a photoshoot on Necker Island, his private paradise in -- where else? -- the British Virgin Islands, Branson posed kite surfing while draped with model Denni Parkinson. What's amazing is that he still seems to be focused on the surfing bit.

In another photo in the series, Branson appears in a white buttondown in the forest while Parkinson stands behind him au naturale. She also happens to be the photographer's girlfriend, according to the Daily Mail, but the British tabs aren't giving Richard a free pass on this, even though he claims his children were watching from the shore. In the same week, Branson also reportedly clashed with Virgin-sponsored Formula 1 driver Jenson Button over his paying too much attention to Button's girlfriend, Japanese-Argentine underwear model Jessica Michibata. No wonder Branson's next trip was to a surprise birthday party for his dad in Scotland -- nothing untoward-looking about that.

We were unable to figure out exactly why Branson is posing with a naked girl, but the lesson here is clear: Do your nudist outdoor activities with your significant other, not away from him or her. Branson oughta British Naturism, a club for people who like being outdoors in the altogether with activities like a paddleboat trip in Norfolk, a July 4 fun run and of course several beach days. Imagine a crowd of seacombers wearing a Virgin towel and a smile...

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[Photo: Daily Mail]

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You know...

I bet it's good to be Sir Richard.

Yes it is good to be Mr. Branson

This is such a non story in Europe. Nude beach going in so common in Europe, it is not even news. Well in the ultra Conservative US of A, where it is considered "shocking" ZzzzZzzzz

Richard Branson is a dirty old man

Please, Richard Branson is so old he should be doing viagra commercials. He's just not hip or sexy any more. Sorry your 15 minutes ended about a decade ago. Time for a hip replacement.