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Petcation, Anyone? JetBlue Now Offering Rewards Points for Pets

April 16, 2009 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

While United has a problem with overweight people, animals on JetBlue have never been treated better! If you’re only a few TrueBlue points away from a free ticket aboard JetBlue, then you may just want to consider bringing your best friend along.

With the airline’s JetPaws program, flyers who bring along their four-legged friends will get two extra TrueBlue points each way. If you’re really into the JetBlue pet experience, remember to get your leash and collar before you leave for the airport.

You’ll get a snazzy bag tag for your pet carrier when you check-in so everyone knows that your puppy is ready to "jet." The airline will also send you all kinds of tips and tricks through email once you book your flight. You’ll learn about Travel Petiquette, pet-friendly hotels, and the location of nearby animal hospitals—just in case. Too bad the airline doesn't send out regular etiquette guides for human passengers.

Honestly, this new program is just a clever way to market a previously existing policy. Most airlines already allow you to bring along Whiskers or Rover for a fee, but JetBlue is just dressing up the extra charge in a pretty package—too bad we totally fell for it—even though it’s going to set us back $100 each way. Just remember, you can’t book pet vacations online—so you’ll have to give them a call.

With all these options for animals to fly, we can only hope that they take us humans along as carry-ons when they take over.

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