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The Old Homestead Hawking $41 Burger

Where: 56 9th Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10011
April 16, 2009 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

This week, Jaunted is celebrating the recession by looking at the boom-era ridiculousness that is Manhattan's Meatpacking District. One eatery that is almost certain to make it through the current downtown is the venerable Old Homestead Steakhouse. This place has been there for 140 years, so it knows a thing or two about changes in the neighborhood.

The restaurant can be spotted by the iconic cow sculpture that hangs outside its entrance, but it's better known for a more new-school MePa development: the $41 hamburger.

This decidedly non-recession-friendly meal is a 20-ounce Kobe beef patty served with chipotle ketchup, stone ground mustard and…tater tots? Seriously? With a $41 meal? For that price, we'd much prefer to hop over to Spice Market and grab the tasting menu, but you can also get a classic burger for a much more reasonable $15. Maybe that's the point -- they shock you with the $41 Kobe price tag and then $15 for a basic burger almost sounds like a deal.

In celebration of its 140th anniversary, Old Homestead also recently unveiled a new space, the Schnabel Room, named for artist Julian Schnabel, who is known for directing The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, designing the interior of the Gramercy Park Hotel, and building that crazy hot pink palace in the West Village. Schnabel's photography adorns the new brick-walled space, a prime place to reserve if you've got a dozen friends in town and a couple grand to burn.

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Archived Comments:

Reasonable burger?

I have to take issue here. I come from CA, and I would never consider a $15 burger "reasonable". burgers belong in backyards and barbecues. I wouldn't pay more than $5 for a burger. Ever.

Reasonable burger?

Mr. "ever" soldieringon had better stay away from Canada - even Quarter Pounders go for over $5. Some people are too frugal to be realistic.