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Go 'Around the World For Free' With Amazing Race Alum

April 13, 2009 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

Alex Boylan is proof that there is life after reality TV; well there's also The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck from Survivor, but she isn't out bungee jumping and continuing to travel the world. After winning Season 2 of Amazing Race, Alex decided that a month of rushing from plane to train wasn't enough, and so set out in September 2007 with a cameraman/producer but not a single penny, determined to circumnavigate the globe for free.

Prior to the concept of "twitchhiking," or leveraging Twitter for travel tips and tickets, Alex formatted his Around the World for Free website as a social network, whereby fans of his CBS Early Show updates could offer knowledge, lodging and transportation in the same manner as twitchhiking. Finishing the journey in February 2008, Alex and his producer managed to mooch their way across 45,000 miles, 159 days and 16 countries.

Now over a year since wrapping up, the 11-episode series in HD has finally been picked up by WGN America, and will begin airing Thursday nights at 9pm EST, starting April 16. Despite the delay in selling the show, we have to say that Alex has done very well for himself, as anything is better than being roped into The View.

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