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Four-Year-Old Boy Wins Taiwanese Island; We're Jealous

Where: Penghu, Taiwan
March 9, 2009 at 9:41 AM | by | ()

We've just heard about an island in the Taiwanese county of Penghu that we want to visit: but it's occupied by a four-year-old boy until September, so we'll have to wait our turn.

In a national lottery, the kid won the exclusive right to visit the island, with up to seven family members, for five months this year. It'll be their very own private tropical island, full of white beaches and clear water, they say, and although it's totally uninhabited it does have running water, electricity and a cabin.

There are 64 islands in Penghu, so there's probably still room for us. They lie off the west coast of Taiwan, towards China, but since Taiwan and China have become friendlier recently we figure it's no cause for concern. And how many worries can you have while chilling out on a white sandy beach, anyway.

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[Photo: lu-Dan+Cuter]

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