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Hyatt Place Warms Our Heart While On Business

March 4, 2009 at 1:46 PM | by | ()

When we are away from the Jaunted office, there’s a short list of things we look for in a hotel stay. We want something that’s comfortable, clean, and accessible to whatever we’re in town for. We’ll leave all the fancy pants stuff up to our sister site, Hotel Chatter; they’re way better at that than we are.

On our recent Charlotte Field Trip, we got to try out Hyatt’s new offering—Hyatt Place—and we were really digging it, so much so that we’re willing to trade in our usual love for Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn. From now on, when it comes to a somewhat budget friendly business lodging, we say go Hyatt or go home.

Walking into the lobby was somewhat surprising, since it looked exactly like the promotion pictures online. (Bonus points for truth in advertising!) The entrance rather resembled the decor in a modern restaurant, and we sort of expected to be seated at a table near the window rather than receiving room keys. Speaking of seating, there’s plenty of that in the lobby in case you want to get work done while people watching, and there’s a little coffee bar to grab a snack or light meal. WiFi was free here, as well as in the rooms, but it was pretty slow.

Our room was on the third floor and it rooms seemed larger than most room, although we didn’t bust out the tool belt and measuring tape. The sitting room was a nice feature, with a sectional sofa that provided a great view of the large flat-screen TV that actually had high-definition content and a place to plug in all your A/V cables. We can definitely see some businessmen trying to entertain some business ladies in here.

The Hyatt Place chain was reborn from the tired Amerisuites brand, and unfortunately there are some hints of the past. The popcorn ceilings weren’t too cool, and the huge sprinklers protruding from them drew our attention. Other than those minor issues, the room seemed to be totally renovated from floor to almost ceiling. We particularly enjoyed the solid surface counter tops in both the vanity area and kitchenette.

Unlike its competition, Hyatt Place offers a solid continental breakfast, which means that you can save up your per diem for a big steak later in the day. The best part was that the breakfast area was immaculate; a clean and trendy looking assortment of plates and bowls helped lessen our fear of food poisoning. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of this, so just imagine a bunch of dishes assembled like Legos. There was fresh fruit, cereal, breads, bagels, milk, and yogurt. Hot stuff too for some extra cash, and we were almost tempted to get something just because we wanted to use the automated order screen.

Checkout was a breeze thanks to the automated kiosk. Just insert your credit card into the machine, confirm your information, and it shoots out your receipt. It’s quick and efficient, and we particularly enjoyed the normal size receipt—which is much easier to send over to the expense department. Overall, if you need a hotel by the airport, and you’re not interested in a bar, full-service restaurants, or elaborate meeting spaces, give Hyatt Place a shot.

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[Photos: kjb]

Archived Comments:

Do all Hyatt Places look alike?

When I saw your photos, I though wow - that looks like another Hyatt Place I visited. I think they're pretty nice actually and great value. Maybe the cookie cutter style allows them to have economy of scale which ultimately passes on as savings to the consumer.

I Hope They Do

I'm thinking they are trying to do the same layout where they can fit it in. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they slowly increase costs as the brand catches on.