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'Peak Season' To Look at the Sexy Side of the Whistler Slopes

Where: Whistler, BC, Canada
April 1, 2009 at 8:46 AM | by | ()

Who knew that when we visited Whistler in January, that a documentary covering the lives of twentysomethings who work at the ski resort was under way?

MTV Canada, CTV and Free Form Productions have announced a new "unscripted" documentary series called Peak Season which follows the "true-life drama" of kids coming of age in the site of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In other words, think of it as The Real World Whistler, except it's Canadian.

In the spirit of hit MTV real-life series, the production gives viewers a distinct, behind-the-scenes look into a group of real people living in a real community. This time, it's the high drama found in the unique geography of this world-renowned tourist town, where young people from across the globe congregate to work while the rich and famous come to frolic. A lot happens in this resort playground as Whistler's youth struggle to find love, friendship and themselves.

The series follows a female snowboarder trying to go pro, a "scrappy" bartender and of course, a womanizing party animal. This sounds pretty routine for reality shows following twentysomethings but we're going to give it a chance since our neighbors to the North are always a little off. Hello, Degrassi!

And remember when we told you where to meet Australians? (The answer: everywhere) Peak Season will follow some of these "imports" around as well.

Production will wrap next month with the series set to premiere later this year. With the next season of The Hills up in the air, we can't wait for Peak Season.

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