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The Five Best Beaches in Sydney

March 3, 2009 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

After taking the inaugural flight from LAX to SYD, Jaunted's markj is staying Down Under and exploring Sydney for a couple of days.

As a visitor to Sydney you are almost always looking for great beaches that are easy to get to. And in light of recent events you probably want to seek out a beach that doesn't involve a "man in grey" while you are on holiday. Then again, one Sydneysider we spoke with said "you're a more likely to choke on a shark dinner than be attacked by a shark when visiting Sydney's beaches.

Point taken. However, when you add in "box jellies" and "blue bottle jellies" (jellyfish) maybe you should be aware of what else lurks in the Sydney waters. Luckily for you the lifeguards are on constant patrol, and constantly announce to swimmers when something is spotted in the water. For instance, we heard a lifeguard say "A group of blue bottles is washing ashore, if you are stung by a blue bottle -- there is no cure -- you will be in pain for about a half hour, so swim at your own risk."

Still want to find out what the best beaches in Sydney are? Sure you do, after all you don't have to swim if you are scared.

After the jump, we put together our list of Sydney's best beaches based on accessibility, beauty, and, um, swimablity?

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5--> Coogee Beach
From Circular Quay Stand C(45 minutes) take any bus to Bondi Junction then 313, 314, 372, 373, 374

Full of backpackers and Uni kids, Coogee is a gorgeous beach with plenty of cafes, bars and hotels, though it is definitely a cut below Bondi on the popularity front. But what it lacks in sizzle it makes up for in bargains. There is a nightlife scene here, so you can enjoy both day and night at Coogee.

4--> Manly Beach
From Circular Quay Wharf 3 (35 minutes) hop on the Manly Ferry then walk down the Corso

Probably the ultimate tourist beach because of its proximity to Circular Quay. Yes, you have to put up with a somewhat cliche beach shop walk on the way, and yes it lacks the beauty of the less accessible Northern beaches, however, the ferry ride over will afford you some of the most picturesque shots of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District) so keep your camera at the ready. Swimming, surfing available.

3--> Bronte Beach
From Circular Quay Stand E (1 hour) take any bus to Bondi Junction then 313, 314, 372, 373, 374 take the beach walk

The far end of this beach, near the pools, gets quite a family crowd probably because of the safe (read: contained) swimming options. Plus the park has BBQ pits at the edge of the beach. The near end of the beach is sparsely populated, but mixes in a good deal of locals. Swimming is possible, but the current is rough and the waves do not always accommodate surfers.

2--> Bondi Beach
From Circular Quay Stand E (35 minutes) take any bus to Bondi 333, 380, 381, 382, 389

Everybody's favorite "sceney" beach. Bondi is a sprawling gorgeous beach that usual attracts quite good crowds in nice weather -- weekdays and weekends. There are a ton of bars, hotels, and shops nearby, plenty of room for both surfers and body surfers in the water and enough room for you to take a good size beach walk. While Bondi is trendy and fashionable, it doesn't come with the snobbery that you may find at some of the other world famous beaches.

1--> Tamarama Beach
From Circular Quay Stand E(50 minutes) take any bus to Bondi 333, 380, 381, 382, 389 take the beach walk

Tamara is a small, deep beach with great sand and surf, plus just enough simple amenities. There is a park at the back of the beach and one solo beach cafe. Though the current is strong here, the water provides opportunities for swimmers, body surfers and surfers. If you do body surf, be ready for a short, fast ride. As long as it's not overcrowded it's an absolutely stunning beach.

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My favourite is by far Manly Beach. Not at least because the nearby "Bavarian Berer Cafe" :-)

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