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Pirates Plunder Private Yacht Off The Seychelles

Where: Seychelles
March 30, 2009 at 9:46 AM | by | ()

Even though the Seychelles promises to become more affordable for the rest of us, we have a hard time even dreaming about a place so far away and so tropical. Every time we see a picture of its clear water and pristine beaches, we just remind ourselves that it's probably not going to happen. Well, we may start to stop dreaming about it for the time being, as apparently the pirates have discovered it too.

A three hour tour quickly turned into much more last month when a couple of pirates decided it was a good idea to seize a yacht that was planning a little cruise through the Indian Ocean. Officials in the Seychelles have called up France, America, and Great Britain to ask for a little help, but so far it looks like the ship is still under pirate control. One crew member did place a call to a family member last week, but only to tell them that he was captured and really needed some help.

For the most part pirates used to cause trouble elsewhere, but after a bunch of foreign ships reported to the Gulf of Aden to prevent this sort of thing, the pirates moved east. Unfortunately for rich and lucky travelers, east means towards the Seychelles. We’re not totally crossing the Seychelles off our list of dream trips, but if we ever get there, we’re going to stick to the attractions on the shore. Maybe we’ll take a kayak for a spin in the water, but that’s about it.

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[Photo: Joriel "Joz" Jimenez]

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