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Jemaine is a Victim of 'Garfunkeling'

Where: 76 Clinton Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10002
March 2, 2009 at 2:26 PM | by | ()

With such a jam-packed Flight of the Conchords episode full of New Zealand jokes, celebrity impersonators, real-life celebrities, a Judas Priest-tribute video, a Korean karaoke love song and FOTC stalker/fan Mel, it was almost hard to pick out what we loved most about this episode--until Jemaine revealed he was engaging in some unwanted "Garfunkeling." Here's how it went down.

The ever-resourceful Murray obtained a gig for Bret and Jemaine as Simon and Garfunkel lookalikes. While the gig may not have gone so well in Mel's eyes, Jemaine did manage to snag a date with Karen, played by 24's Mary Jane Rajskub. On their first date to Alias Restaurant on Clinton Street, Karen is disappointed that Jemaine was not in costume. Ever one to please the ladies, he goes home to change into his Garfunkel gear. Later, when it's time for sexytime Karen won't let Jemaine remove his costume. And so begins the start of their sexual relationship or as she calls it "Garfunkeling."

Alias is an appropriate choice for this episode (Alias, get it?) as many other celeb lookalikes make an appearance like Elton John (played by Patton Oswalt) Bono and Barack Obama. The LES restaurant serves American Nouveau cuisine and according to NY Mag, uses seasonal ingredients in an "offbeat" way. Prices are also affordable with dishes ranging from $14-21. Dinner is served nightly starting at 6pm and brunch on Saturday and Sunday starts at 11am. Nearest subway stops are the F at Delancey St. and the J, M, Z at Essex St.

Of course it wasn't all impersonations in this episode. Mel is determined to stop Jemaine from dating a serial Garfunkeler and Murray tries to secure the prime minister of New Zealand an appointment with the president. But he ends up settling for an Obama-lookalike.

Some of the New Zealand jokes were especially great starting with the poster in Murray's office which changes from time to time. This week's one said, "New Zealand. Take Your Mum There." Also, the prime minister of New Zealand's jetlag has him nodding off. When he wakes in Murray's office, he asks "What day is it? Yesterday?" Exactly what our own MarkJ is probably going through in Australia right now.

In the end, Jemaine gets his heart-broken by Karen as the real Art Garfunkel shows up at her door to win her back, saying, "Another Art Garfunkel impersonator? What is that like the 12th one?" Oooh a serious case of Garfunkeling indeed.

Perhaps the best celeb lookalike of the episode? Mel's poor husband Doug, who dresses up like Bret so he can makeout with his wife in the car.

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