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JetBlue WiFi Offerings Have Stalled, Will Selling Food Help?

March 19, 2009 at 11:19 AM | by | ()

JetBlue was one of the first carriers that began to brag about its in-flight WiFi offerings. Their plane BetaBlue first took off in December 2007, and it delivered what they promised, but not too much more. It was free, so we shouldn’t complain—but we did complain—because it’s just not comprehensive enough. Since then other carries have been picking up the steam when it comes to WiFi on your tray table—for a fee of course—but the JetBlue that was once an innovator, just hasn’t been doing much.

BetaBlue continues to fly but really hasn’t expanded its capabilities, and the WiFi that we thought would be contagious to other planes in their fleet just isn’t there. Users on the FlyerTalk message board, among others, complain that it doesn’t work as advertised—that the system is frequently down and that flight attendants don’t even promote it. We've even heard this through comments on previous articles that have promised the airline's expansion.

We Tweeted with JetBlue to find out what the latest news was regarding WiFi and they told us that there are plans to roll out free onboard email and messaging service this year and they are doing "continued examination of broadband solutions."

In the meantime, JetBlue is planning on trying out a buy-on-board food offering (like Southwest) and we can only hope this is a plan to make some extra cash to expand the WiFi offerings. Maybe with clever names like Wireless Wrap or Turkey and Swiss on In-Flight Focaccia—they can really drive the point home. Don't worry, the drinks and snacks will still be free. The test period runs through March, and you’ll have to let us know if you indulge in the $11 box of See’s Candies.

If you’ve been on BetaBlue lately, or know when we’ll see BetaBlueToo, drop a comment belowor send us a tip!

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