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JetBlue Waves Off Private Air Travel with 'Welcome BigWigs'

March 18, 2009 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Attention CEOs and victims of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme: JetBlue understands your financial situation and knows that your private jet may be on furlow for some time, so they'd like to extend a welcome to the public skies with some instructional videos on how to make the best of the worst of times.

The pertinent "Welcome BigWigs" campaign centers around three tongue-in-cheek videos which both espouse the JetBlue jetting doctrine (leather seats, seatback TV, free snacks) and offer a bit of comic relief on the current financial state of affairs. And we have to say, they are flippin' hilarious.

In the first video alone, simply entitled "Welcome Aboard," an elitist businessman settles into his leather chair at a private club and relays a few facts about the airline which would appeal to his compatriots in the world of the ultra-rich and powerful, such as: "JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes or hide money--Aruba, Vegas, St. Maarten, Nantucket--they even have service to DC, so you'll never be late for a congressional hearing."

Come to think of it, JetBlue does have some suspiciously exotic destinations and an unnatural glut of those blue potato chips; perhaps they've been waiting for this moment to reveal their true passion all along: kicking Gulfstreams to the curb.

Check out all three videos to the "CEO's Guide to Jetting" at their website and remember, just because JetBlue welcomes everyone, former tycoons included, doesn't mean that airfares will inflate just as egos deflate.

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JetBlue Welcomes BigWigs

Right to the point. Congrats JetBlue.