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What Has Your Southwest Flight Attendant Performed For You Lately?

March 16, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

You know the scene. You’re boarding the plane, trying to find a good seat while avoiding that lady who’s lifting a suitcase bigger than her into the overhead compartment. Once you’ve settled into your fixed position for the next couple hours, the safety briefing becomes the background music as you start flipping through the copy of US Weekly you scored at Hudson News. However, you may put that magazine down if you're on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Dave the Rapping Flight Attendant has taken over the forward cabin with his preflight announcement. Learning how to buckle seatbelts and pay for booze on board has never been so fun—if you want another kinda drink just holla, alcoholic beverages will be four dollars. He’s sick and tired of the same boring announcement, so he started doing his best to entertain the passengers—and himself—all in the name of safety.

We’re confident that Southwest is eating this publicity up, especially as it hits the major news outlets like CNN. Now Deltalina has a little competition, and we might just have to add a Jaunty category for best in-flight performance.

We've been on our share of Southwest flights where other flight attendants have tested out stand up material or tried a new song and dance routine. Even the most hardened traveler usually cracks a smile, either because it's funny or because it's just so awful.

Deep down, we know that inside every Southwest flight attendant there is an American Idol wannabe dying to come out. What’s the craziest thing your Southwest flight attendant has done?

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Archived Comments:

all kinds of stuff

i've seen all kinds of stuff. from stand-up comedy to broadway show tunes. i do believe someone did the inflight announcement about services and stuff in rhyming verses. it was no rap but it was clever.

Yep, but I prefer this guy over stand up comedians

specially if you are doing 2 connections with them plus the return flight.

Southwest Airline Rap

Since I fly Southwest, I just wanted to say, "You Go Man!". I thoroughly enjoyed his routine.