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Five Places You Must Visit in Vienna

Where: Vienna, Austria
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All this week, Carolyn Banfalvi will be taking us on a eat-and-drink tour of Vienna, Austria. If you have any questions or suggestions for Vienna Travel, let us know and we'll have Carolyn get back to you. Enjoy.

If it were up to me, I’d spend my days checking out the coffee houses, and my nights exploring the wine bars. But Vienna is so full of art museums, grand palaces, well-kept parks, galleries, and theaters, that you have to check out at least the biggies.

You could occupy days just wandering the winding streets of the inner city, where all roads seem to lead to the spectacular Stephansdom--the cathedral which is essentially the city’s focal point. And there’s always that other form of culture for which Vienna is so famous: music.

Here are Five of Vienna's Top Attractions, each of which could easily occupy an entire day, (or more).

· The Museums Quartier: A vast cultural center which opened in 2001 and is affectionately known as MQ. Located in the old Imperial Court Stables, the complex houses five modern art museums and a children’s museum. There’s also a great café for when culture overload strikes.

The Hundertwasserhaus: While it’s a bit out-of-center, the Hundertwasserhaus is one of the country’s most fascinating buildings. Designed by the avante-garde artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and built in 1985, it's an apartment complex with odd features such as curved floors, mis-matched colors, and trees growing out of the walls. For more Hundertwasser, also check out the Kunsthaus Wien.

· The Liechtenstein Museum, This museum is located in the Liechtenstein Palais and holds the Prince of Liechtenstein’s massive art collection, which has been cultivated since the 17th century. The palace itself is grand enough to warrant a visit and the most notable part of the collection is the Peter Paul Rubens Room.

· The Hofburg Palace: The former home (pictured above) of the Habsburg royals is now chock-full of museums and other attractions, including the Imperial Apartments, the National library, the Winter Riding School, and a popular museum devoted to Sisi, wife of Franz Josef.

· The Ringstrasse: This boulevard circles Vienna’s historic center and is the city's poshest address. The wide, tree-lined street is lined with extravagant hotels, museums, and sites such as the Opera House, the Volksgarten, and the Burgtheater. If you don’t want to walk the length, hop on a tram for a short cut.

Any other sites to recommend in Vienna? Let us know in comments below.

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[Photo: Paula Funnell]

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just wanted to second the nomination of Hundertwasserhaus, love that crazy architecture :-) and then there's that - I can't remember what kind of industrial building it is - power generation plant or something that's also a Hundertwasser, it fascinated me!

Things to see in Vienna

I fully agree with this list of must-sees in Vienna, although this list is obviously a bit short. My first visit to Vienna was back in 1987, since then I must 've been there about 10 times now. I stay in hotel in Vienna mainly for professional reasons but I always try to see at least one new thing everytime I'm there. Last time I got the chance to go and watch the famous Marionettentheater. Another great place is Cafe Drechsler, open 23 hours a day (!)

Vienna Tourist Attractions

After visiting number of sites finaly I got this valuable information. Thanks for sharing this excellent information. All these places are look stunning. As in I am planning a trip to Vienna next month. Now I have much back up and useful information about the tour. Vienna Attractions

Vienna Technical Museum

Technisches Museum Wien is also worth a visit: http://austriadaily.com/vienna/vienna-technical-museum-technisches-museum-wien