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Australia Says 'Mayday, Mayday, We'll Pay You To Visit Us'

Where: Australia
March 12, 2009 at 10:43 AM | by | ()

It's just a plan that won't be presented to the government until next week, but the idea alone is exciting: tourism operators in Australia want to pay your airfare to persuade you to vacation Down Under.

The "Mayday" proposal being put forward by Independent Tourism Holdings is that the government might pay for a tourist to fly to Australia on the condition that they spend a certain amount of money while they're there. The amount suggested is A$5,000 and the weak Aussie dollar makes that just US$3,200.

Paying visitors to come to your country might sound a bit desperate, but presumably far-away Oz is one of the first places people drop off their itineraries when times get financially tough. But don't go hunting for your free ticket yet--we have to see what the Australian government thinks, and although Australia might be different in many, many ways, politicians are the same the world over.

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Archived Comments:

I like this idea

I realy would love to get a invitation like this :-) A flight from Germany to Australia costs arround 1.800 Euro. If I only have to spend 3500 USD, this will be a fair trade. ;-)