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Will We Still Be Able to Get a 'Cozy Suite' in 2010?

March 10, 2009 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

There’s been a lot of chatter regarding the best way to survive a long flight—especially in the back of the plane—but things may be getting better. Thompson Solutions has created a seating system that provides a little more room and a place to rest your head in coach. No more using the window as a pillow, and no more drooling on the dude next to you.

They call this new-fangled seating the Cozy Suite, and it does look pretty cozy to us. Of course, we’re only looking at some concept shots, so hopefully things translate somewhat directly into the real-life product. These suites seem to rise up above your head and surround one side of you, providing a little privacy and a place to rest—even if it is in a vertical position.

The makers insist that even with the increased privacy, the seats are still arranged in a way that you’ll be able to chat up your neighbor. The company's bread and butter seems to be the idea of staggered seating, and their website shows off other concepts which incorporate this seating plan.

Thankfully, this may not be just a pipe dream. According to Cranky Flier, Delta has spent some money on Thompson Solutions’ ideas, and they are actually looking to incorporate this seating design into their long-haul planes like the 767 and the 777 by 2010. Even FlightGlobal.com says the seats would be installed on the 787s acquired in the Northwest merger.

The seats will be exclusive to Delta in the North American market, but after that, hopefully we can see them elsewhere. However, there are two big things standing in the way. First, the seats need to be approved by U.S. regulators (please, pretty please?) and with the economy going the way it is--several airlines today reported steep declines in passengers--we're not so sure airlines are going to be willing to splurge on new seats for us. But we sincerely hope to sit in a Cozy Suite soon.

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